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nexGen Grafix is proud of the investments we have made in these K-words, spelling the arrival of the dawn of new digital and offset print solutions – advanced, unrivalled, superlative, meticulous.


Kodak, Komori, Kuda – a lot of K-words that spell “quality”

Advanced Prepress
Unrivalled Digital Printing
Meticulous Finishing
Superlative Offset Printing

Utilizing a Kodak Prinergy Evo
PDF-based workflow, nexGen’s prepress department is as up-
to-date as it gets. Macintosh
and PC workstations and operators well-versed in the latest software provide compatibility with virtually all source files. Digital proofing via AGFA and EPSON plotters ensure that what you see is what you get (depending on paper choice). Our Kodak Magnus platesetter produces Staccato 10 screening for incomparable image quality.

The Kodak NexPress SX2700 is a 5-colour digital press that has no competitor. Not only does it print superb quality CMYK colour duplexed on a very wide range of media, it also features a unique fifth station which accommodates a variety of creative options. The press is complimented by the NexGlosser for high-gloss coating. The Xante Ilumina 502 printer rounds out nexGen’s digital arsenal, uniquely positioned for new possibilities in print.

A pressroom that features the Komori Lithrone SX629c as flagship is not questioned for quality or productivity. This 6-colour press runs a maximum sheet size of 24” x 29.5” so that throughput of standard material is optimized. Automated make-ready and a running speed of 16,000 sheets per hour mean fast turnaround while in no way compromizing print quality. Combined with nexGen’s Komori Spica 429P and Hamada H234AK, new technology provides excellence in print.

Technology notwithstanding, in the finishing department it is generations of craftmanship that ensure the perfect completion of every print project. The equipment is advanced and automated, including two Kuda paper cutters, two Stahl folders and a Heidelberg saddlestitcher, as well as diecutting presses, but there is no substitute for the human touch. Keen eyes and a motivation to excel mean that quality print solutions are actually achieved, not just talked about!

A word about colour...

While colour printing is what we are all about, colour accuracy can often be more of a craft than a science. Whether your project is printed digitally on the NexPress or on one of our “conventional” offset presses, the colour output of each device will be different, and will in turn differ from the proofs we provide.

A “soft proof” emailed to you will only be as accurate as your colour display.
A digital plotter proof, while generally very accurate, is still only a proof. No proof is produced the same way as a printing press creates colour: by layering several inks (either dry ink or offset inks) over top of each other on a particular type of paper.

In most cases projects printed on the NexPress will be proofed using the actual paper you choose. Although this means your proof is the next-best thing to the finished product, there can still be a slight variance between the proof and the final run.

Our operators know these things, and work hard to achieve the results you expect. Our sales consultants will be able to give further information.