nexGen Grafix at a glance

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  1. Intel-based Macintosh and PC workstations
    file submission via disk, USB drives, email, FTP server

  2. Kodak Prinergy Evo
    PDF-based workflow software

  3. Current software versions
    Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, Freehand, CorelDraw

  4. AGFA and EPSON plotters
    imposition and contract proofs

  5. Kodak Magnus Quantum 400 III platesetter
    Staccato 10 stochastic screening

  6. Kodak Mercury THD 850 plate processor
    Greenflow neutralizer for safe disposal of waste chemistry

Digital Printing


  1. Kodak NexPress SX2700 production press
    HD CMYK inks + optional RGB, light blank, clear, or dimensional clear inks · maximum sheet size: 14”x20.47” · minimum sheet size: 11”x7.9” · maximum image area: 13.5”x20” · paper handling: over 700 qualified substrates; 50lb uncoated text to 130lb uncoated cover; 60lb coated text to 130lb coated cover; all auto-duplexed

  2. Kodak NexGlosser
    UV-like high gloss coating in conjunction with intelligent clear ink overprinted on NexPress · paper handling: 100lb coated text to 130lb coated cover

  3. Xante Ilumina 502 printer
    maximum sheet size: 13.2”x48” · minimum sheet size: 4”x5”
    maximum image area: 13”x47.8” · paper handling: 50lb uncoated text to 130lb uncoated cover; 60lb coated text to 130lb coated cover; duplex on text weight

Offset Printing


  1. Komori Lithrone SX629c press
    6 colours + inline aqueous coating · maximum sheet size: 24”x29.5”
    minimum sheet size: 11.7”x17” · maximum image area: 23”x29.25”
    paper handling: onionskin to 24pt board

  2. Komori Spica 429P press
    4 colours straight (simplex) or 2 colours perfected (duplex)
    maximum sheet size: 21”x29” · minimum sheet size: 8.5”x11”
    maximum image area: 20”x28.5” · paper handling: onionskin to 18pt board; 40lb text to 10pt card perfected depending on ink coverage

  3. Hamada H234AK press
    2 colours · maximum sheet size: 12”x18” · minimum sheet size: 3.5”x6.5” · maximum image area: 11.5”x17.25” · paper handling: 16lb text to 12pt card



  1. Kuda 92CD and 115CD paper cutters
    36” and 45” widths

  2. Stahl B20 and TF66 folders
    maximum sheet size: 20”x28” and 26”x40” · 8-page crossfold units
    16-page knife unit · gatefold attachments

  3. Heidelberg Prosetter 445 saddle stitcher
    6 signatures + cover in one pass · maximum trim size: 13”x13”

  4. Heidelberg cylinder diecutter
    maximum sheet size: 20”x28” · minimum sheet size: 8.5”x11”

  5. Heidelberg “windmill” letterpress
    maximum sheet size: 10”x15” · minimum sheet size: 3”x4”

  6. Challenge paper drill · Rosback scoring and perforating device Damark shrinkwrapper