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As of June 2012, nexGen Grafix utilizes the following software in the prepress department:

  1. QuarkXPress 9

  2. Adobe InDesign CS6

  3. Adobe Illustrator CS5.5

  4. Adobe Photoshop CS3

  5. Adobe Acrobat Pro X with Enfocus Pitstop 10

Compatible with your needs: all the latest software

Files can be submitted on disk, USB drive, via email, or using our FTP server. Of course any other online transfer method is also agreeable. Please be sure to include fonts and links with your working files. PDF files are perfectly acceptable, as long as CMYK and spot colours are properly created and 0.125” bleeds as well as crop marks are included (documents set up for single pages rather than spreads are greatly preferred).

Our prepress operators will examine and adjust your files to ensure they will produce the desired results – if a lot of work is required, they may ask you to make changes to your files before resubmitting them. While they’re pretty accomplished people, they are not mind readers: if you have a specific idea in mind and are not sure whether the file you’ve provided will actually produce it, please let us know. This applies especially to prepress “gotchas” like transparency with spot colours, NexPress DryInk setup, layout settings for different binding methods, PDF file creation, etc.

A bit of advice

  1. Adobe FreeHand MX 11

  2. Adobe Pagemaker 7

  3. CorelDRAW X4

  4. Microsoft Publisher 2004

  5. Microsoft Office 2008

Programs listed in black are cross-platform compatible, so your Mac or PC files will work. Programs listed in colour are PC only and will be converted to EPS or PDF format for proper workflow integration (at times it may be preferred that PDF files from these programs be supplied). Programs listed in blue are not recommended for prepress work, although we will accept files from these programs with the proviso that extra time and costs may be incurred.
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